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Publishing service for scientific papers

Publishing service for studies, research, and scientific papers

Publishing service for studies, research, and scientific papers according to the requirements of each refereed scientific journal, Emtyiaz Company for Educational Services provides an opportunity for masters and doctoral students to publish their scientific research in scientific journals cooperating with us. The publication of scientific research requires that the supervisor of the publication of the research be able to communicate with the scientific journals and conduct It takes several weeks for any scientific research to be published in a peer-reviewed journal before obtaining the acceptance letter for publication from the scientific journal.

The publication of scientific research requires that, based on its considerable experience, our team provide the most important journals and above with an assessment of the publication. It then performs all the procedures required of the researcher, which include submitting the application to the magazine and following it up, and then obtaining the notes of the arbitrators in the magazine until final approval is obtained from the magazine in question. With us, we are ensuring that you will publish a paper in your name in the best scientific and literary journals and above in Arabic and foreign at appropriate prices.

Scientific publishing service for university research in scientific journals

In order to be published in one of the scientific journals in question, research must be submitted that meets all the conditions and laws imposed by these journals. We, in a privilege of educational services, offer scientific publishing service in scientific journals of academic standing and recognition by:

·        Preservation of intellectual property during the publication process.

·        Dissemination of Arabic and foreign letters and research.

·        Publication of research in Saudi and international court journals.

·         Make the necessary comments and adjustments to ensure the dissemination of the research.

·         Follow-up with magazines until the letter of acceptance

Spread the thesis in books

Emtyiaz for educational services provides the service of publishing master's and doctoral theses in books. We also provide you with an ISBN number for each scientific dissertation that is published within a short period of no more than a week, through cooperation with a publishing house specialized in publishing scientific research, and the company is committed to the following principles in every publishing process in books:

• Preserving the property rights of graduate students.

• Spreading Arabic and foreign thesis.

• Provide students with an "ISBN" number within a short period.

Publication of scientific research for research promotion

The publication of a scientific research in an electronic or paper-based refereed scientific journal is one of the international conditions and standards for obtaining job and academic promotions. It provides a privilege for educational services to assist in this aspect in terms of preparing promotion research and publishing it in international scientific journals.

Publish scientific papers

Emtyiaz Company provides the service of publishing scientific papers in all fields and disciplines in cooperation with peer-reviewed scientific journals. And to carry out the necessary arrangements required by the magazine for publication, and we provide this service on a large scale to all individuals, whether they are students or professors.

Emtyiaz Company for Educational Services relies on a number of principles during the publication of scientific research in peer-reviewed journals in a manner that guarantees the client sufficient confidence:

• Provide scientific journals with high court to publish Rated search through it.

• Carrying out all necessary procedures for publication in terms of fulfilling all publishing conditions until obtaining the magazine's approval.

• Publishing in regularly published magazines.

• Publishing in scientific refereed journals.

• Preserving intellectual property rights.



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