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Preparing the plagiarism report

Preparing the plagiarism report is one of the important things that researchers should do. In order to ensure that research papers or scientific theses are free from any transgressions in terms of scientific plagiarism. This is in contrast to what universities state as acceptable ratios, and scientific research in its exemplary form should have many conditions, among which is that it be distinguished from other research prepared by different researchers and that it includes the new subjects in the field of research specialization.

And because, in Emtyiaz Educational Services Company, we are always keen to help students and researchers and provide them with all services related to scientific research that help them complete their research and obtain the highest grades. We provide a plagiarism report service, which will help researchers to write the scientific thesis properly free of citation and plagiarism.

The experts at Emtyiaz Company are interested in using the latest methods in examining the percentage of plagiarism in scientific theses. This is done with plagiarism programs. They may also make amendments. In order not to cause any errors in the research or the scientific thesis in its general form, for example in the case of deleting one or more texts; In order to reduce the percentage of plagiarism, and then achieve the required, this takes structuring and arranging, and perhaps paraphrasing the entire chapter or titles, to reach perfection.

Our specialists check the plagiarism percentage by detecting the following:

• All that universities take as an indication of scientific citation in students' duties and research.

• Disclosure of all copies of quotes, sayings, excerpts from books, etc.

• Disclose the originality of the research content in terms of seriousness and provide new information.

• Access to all copies of the various Internet sources

• Detecting cases of accreditation on incorrect academic references.

Why do we excel in preparing the citation plagiarism report?

Because in Emtyiaz Educational Services Company, we offer the service of plagiarism percentage report for scientific theses through the following steps:

• Verification of all aspects of the literary work in terms of linguistic and spelling.

• Check the clarity of the language used.

• We validate the patterns used.

• A comprehensive verification of all texts from the citation percentage.

• Use a number of techniques while checking plagiarism such as fingerprinting, string matching, and word set.


We, at Emtyiaz Educational Services, are proud that every scientific work submitted to university, assignments are 100% free of any plagiarism, as our internal auditor performs a comprehensive examination of the scientific document to detect plagiarism from a particular document by comparing each Part in content with over a billion pages on the social network.

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