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Preparing references and previous studies

Writing references and previous studies in scientific research is one of the basic and very necessary elements because it always comes to answer questions that revolve in the mind of the researcher, so it is considered very necessary for researchers and students to seek help from references and previous studies in Arabic and English in the same context that the scientific research revolves around. Researchers and students have a full and comprehensive knowledge of the subject he deals with in his studies. It gives researchers and graduate students a comprehensive knowledge of the history of the subject’s development and the course of scientific research.

From this point, Emtyiaz for Educational Services provides the service of writing references and previous studies in a professional manner for various disciplines and scientific fields, under the supervision of an elite group of academic staff who hold master's and doctoral degrees, who have been trained at the highest level.

Why are we distinguished from others in the service of writing references and previous studies?

The team of Emtyiaz for Educational Services is distinguished by a number of things that make it distinguished from others in this service, including:

1.     Not to rush to review previous studies because they cause many errors and miss the researcher many information that may be important in the research topic.

2.     Reviewing multiple types of sources and previous studies and not relying on a specific type.

3.     Presenting previous studies and the method of writing references according to systematic scientific foundations.

4.     Ensure that the results of previous studies are correct before relying on them.

5.     Linking well between previous studies and scientific research.

6.     Taking previous studies from their primary sources.

7.     Avoid the boring presentation style of the previously selected studies.

8.     Taking into account that the studies are recent and not old to benefit and enrich scientific research.

9.     Documenting references according to internationally known documentation systems that most scientific academies and universities follow

And so we can say that a Emtyiaz company for educational services is the perfect choice that helps you get to safety, achieve the highest grades, and get what you wish for. It takes your hand to take the right steps towards achieving comprehensive scientific research under the supervision of selected masters and doctoral professors.


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