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SPSS Statistical Analysis Service

Statistical analysis service for master’s and doctoral theses and scientific research by using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) program.

The program is a comprehensive computer package for data entry and analysis, as it is used in scientific research such as social, engineering, agricultural and administrative sciences.

Statistical analysis

It is a process through which data related to scientific research are prepared and processed, in order to analyze these data and be studied, and then extract the results from it. This is one of the tasks of scientific research for some studies of students specializing in curriculum and teaching methods. It is also considered one of the difficulties encountered by some graduate students.

And because we at Emtyiaz Educational Services Company always strive to serve scientific research and help researchers by providing you with a statistical analysis service. With the help of experts and specialists in this field, we can, dear student, conduct the appropriate high-quality statistical analysis for research, master’s thesis, or your study with the highest possible quality and lowest cost and time.

Our team of experts and specialists provide statistical analysis service through:

• Understand project variables.

• Sampling and study design.

• Sorting out data of questionnaires, data encoding and data dictionaries.

• Extracting validity, reliability and internal consistency coefficients.

• Selection of appropriate statistical measures and tests.

• Dealing with all types of data.

• Data representation by using engineering drawings.

• Discussing and linking the analysis to the hypotheses of the study.

Why do you choose us?

There are a lot of websites and companies that provide a statistical analysis service for students. But we are in Emtyiaz for educational services, we remain the best in the field of statistical analysis, as we provide you with the service of conducting statistical analysis of research of all kinds, whatever your research type, and no matter how worried you are about it, and no matter how difficult it is, all you have to do is to put your research in our hands to be in the hands of experts, skilled, and honest.

Statistical analysis is our specialty, as we encode and sort out the data, we also analyze studies and field research according to the latest available statistical analysis programs, and we extract the results through distinctive tables, and then comment on these results.

With Emtyiaz, we guarantee the accuracy of statistical analysis, the speed of implementation and its quality.

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