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Certified translation service

Certified translation service is one of the most important services offered by Emtyiaz Company for Educational Services. We provide our services to customers around the world at affordable prices. Don't worry as you deal with a translation company that's really professional.

Therefore, we are pleased to present to you the reasons why our exceptional services are distinguished from the rest of the companies operating in the same field.

We at Emtyiaz Company provide certified translation services to all embassies, government and official bodies, and specialized translation services in all legal, medical, professional, technical and commercial fields. We also have qualified translators with extensive experience in various fields of translation.

Emtyiaz Company for certified translation services

Emtyiaz Translation Services is one of the leading companies in the field of certified translation, with a team of experts working in the field of translation for more than 10 years in Egypt and the Middle East. To meet the needs of its customers for various language services. Emtyiaz was not satisfied with providing only certified and specialized translation services. However, in a short period of time, it was able to stand out amid the momentum of many who provide the same services in the translation market. This is thanks to the merit of its translators, their extensive experience in the various fields of translation, and their knowledge of the cultures of each language they translate from or into, as our distinguished agents attest.

Why would you choose Emtyiaz Company to request a certified translation service?

Emtyiaz Translation Company seeks to provide its services with high professionalism, taking into account accuracy, efficiency and speed, within the scope of strict confidentiality, as we seek to make a difference and advance the field of certified translation in Egypt and the Middle East.

• Emtyiaz provides certified translation services at unbeatable prices. Combined with excellent customer service to not only meet your needs but also exceed your expectations of what trustworthy certified translation offices can do.

• We guarantee you the quality of work and its delivery on time, whatever its size. We also take into account the full commitment and application of the highest professional standards.

• Our primary goal is to provide our customers with distinguished professional services and an integrated experience that meets their various needs. We always strive to set new and unparalleled standards in this sector based on absolute commitment to quality, speed in completing tasks and high-level linguistic value.

• Awareness of our customers' need and the fast-paced lifestyles that require daily orientation towards certain areas. We at Emtyiaz for certified translation provide our services in all fields.



Where quality, professionalism and the comfort of our customers

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