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Proofreading master's thesis

Proofreading master's thesis It is an important step where you should carefully review your text in order to ensure its technical accuracy. To know technical accuracy like grammar, spelling, formatting, and punctuation must be correct Also it gives you a great chance to check one more time in order to know clarity and typographical errors. Also, proofreading will let you make ensure that your word choices, use of abbreviations, and use of capitalization are consistent throughout the text., which we provide to graduate students and researchers. It is a type of academic linguistic verification. After the master’s thesis is prepared, it must be audited to ensure its integrity and that it is free from errors that may change in a certain sense in the master’s thesis. Presenting the master’s thesis is correct and sound is one of the most important features of the master’s thesis, so the master’s thesis must be audited. Especially and importantly. An invitation to science research lovers and bring it out in a bright, luminous image?


To every researcher who is well-versed in the fields of knowledge and moves between the folds of books and references, do not worry and do not tire of producing your research in an honorable, almost free of errors, so what you have to do is search and collect scientific material and we must refine, scrutinize and organize it in its correct places of research.


We are pleased to offer you, through Emytiaz for Educational Services, proofreading service for master's theses and spelling correction at the highest level of accuracy thanks to an academic team of masters and doctoral degrees holders in various disciplines in addition to experts in proofreading, research, books, theses and a lot of other literary works in both languages Arabic and English. We are distinguished by providing Proofreading master's thesis and grammar services at Emtyiaz for educational services by speed and perfection.


Steps we follow in the proofreading service for master's theses

1. Appointing one or more proofreader (proofreader) according to the size of the letter or the required work.

2. Review the work and the theses in all its parts and correct spelling errors, Arabic / English.

3. Write all these notes and modifications that have been extracted.

4. Providing the client and the researcher with two copies of the work, one of them containing the modifications that have been made and the other in a final PDF format after making the necessary modifications.

5. To ensure the validity and vocabulary of the content of the theses or work required in all aspects of spelling and grammar as well as the validity of the scientific and literary formulation and the composition and clarity of sentences correctly.

6. Observe the proofreading marks (add, replace, round, dimensions and delete).

The most important thing that distinguishes us in the proofreading service for master's theses

• Fluency in languages with all their spelling, linguistic, grammatical and morphological rules.

• The proofreader is fully informed and educated in the various scientific disciplines required to work on

• Our proofreader is distinguished by patience and not in haste until the work is produced in the required and correct form.

• Never get bored and focus well.

• The spell checker is fully aware of the keywords related to the proofreading and grammar field.

• An Arabic proofreader who is fully aware of and maintains hadiths and the Qur’an and has preserved them.

• Read the text carefully before starting it so that it is easy to understand and not make any mistakes.

• The ability to understand the intent of the writer.


The proofreading and grammar service at Emtyiaz for Educational Services is characterized by speed, quality and perfection


Contact us to find the support team ready to answer your inquiries, receive your research, verify it in language and grammar.

Bearing in mind that our prices are unaffordable to the competitive environment.?





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