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The preparation of scientific promotion research

 Preparing scientific promotion research is one of the most important services provided by Emtiyaz company for educational services. Scientific promotion an entitlement that the researcher attains in order to become a professor. It is the right of every staff member to prove his or her merit and competence in the event that the job is suitable for his or her scientific qualifications and practical experience.

Promotion is also an incentive and encouragement for the researcher to do all the serious work required of him or her new position. The promotion is the culmination of the teacher's effort during his scientific career. Promotion is the purpose and demand of each staff member. Scientific promotion research is one of the highest research that a person must prepare, and the researcher during its preparation must be committed to seriousness, honesty and patience.

Scientific Promotion Research Specifications

1. Science: The researcher must add new scientific knowledge in his field of specialization. Through the scientific promotion research, that he provides, as well as by identifying the extent of the scientific knowledge that the one who wants to promote in his field of specialization is identified, which helps to identify the extent of his merit and entitlement to promotion.

2. Vision: The researcher must have a full vision of all the information he provides in the promotion research. He should be familiar with all the small parts in his field of specialization.

3. Approach: The researcher must maintain the unity of the subject when presenting his or her promotion research, in addition to the necessity to rely on survey, scientific documentation, references and sources when presenting his or her information in order to obtain reliable results at the end of his or her research.

4. Language: The researcher must present his research for promotion in a clear style and language that is far from colorful in writing and the literary arts. And reliance on direct language devoid of words that are difficult to understand, as well as the necessity of the searcher for spelling errors.

The most prominent criteria that Emtiyaz company is based in the preparation of scientific promotion research?

• The need for research to provide new scientific knowledge in the field of specialization and a major development in its field.

• Focusing on the necessity for the research topic to be new and no one has previously studied it.

•  Focusing heavily on the researcher's field of specialization. And to present a new scientific benefit in his field of specialization in a way that highlights the researcher's familiarity with all the information in his field of specialization.

• Keeping away from spelling and linguistic errors in the writing of promotion research, and adhering to punctuation and syntax in a proper way, where the wording is clear and far from linguistic ambiguity, because the research that includes such errors harms the researcher.


• Carrying out all documentation processes for scientific promotion research from scientific sources and references, whether previous studies or scientific books issued by experts and specialists in the field.


•You can now request assistance from Emtiyaz company for educational services in the preparation of scientific promotion research and you will obtain it immediately through a qualified working group with sufficient experience in the professional and high quality of scientific promotion research.

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