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The general framework

The preparation of the general framework of the letter is one of the most important parts for the academic researcher to address as a major part of the master's and PhD thesis. The guide gives the researcher the main guidance on the idea of his research. It reflects the introduction chapter, the first chapter of any study, which is similar to the research proposal as a content.

Emtyiaz provides a service for the preparation of the general framework of the thesis, both master's degree and doctor's degree, and scientific research for all disciplines and fields, to various universities in the Arab country and foreign universities, in Arabic and English, as well as all educational services for graduate students.

In Emtyiaz for Educational Services, we are interested in the general framework that includes the basic elements that clarify the idea of the master's and doctoral thesis at hand, and we are keen to prepare a general framework with structured and integrated content and the content of acceptance.

Emtyiaz is distinguished in preparing the general framework for the master as follows:

1.      Presenting a framework characterized by integration in a very large way between the parts and content of the scientific thesis, with no lack of information and neglect of the main lines and headings.

2.      Collect all the master information, concepts and headings for the rest of the research.

3.      We take into account that the general framework includes the basic elements and points of the thesis with a focus on the subheadings of the master's or doctoral thesis.

4.      Preparing an organized general framework that includes all the characteristics that must be met for the work of the general framework.

5.      Deal with the general matters related to the thesis study, including some problems that may be related to the study problem.

6.      Relying on logical sources and strong scientific means on an up-to-date basis, with justifications for carrying out the study.

Why do students and researchers use us to ask for a service to prepare the general framework for a master?

       We, at Emtyiaz for Educational Services, wish that Masters and PhD students obtain the best grades. We also assist them in obtaining an organized research framework that has all the qualities that guarantee acceptance and distinction from the first discussion.

       We are committed to delivering the general framework at the time specified previously, with full commitment to all terms of the agreement with you.

       We have a team of university professors from various Arab and foreign universities in many scientific disciplines to help those who request thesis services and scientific research.

       We follow up with you all the amendments and during the work and even discuss the letter with the committee so that we are sure that your master is accepted.

       We provide you with customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Would you like to prepare the general framework for master's and doctoral theses?


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