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The Scientific Research Plan

The Scientific Research Plan is a set of steps that help researchers write a master's or doctoral thesis. The Research Plan explains the steps taken and how the results of scientific research can be reached by studying the subject matter of the letter. The Scientific Research Plan for the academic supervisor and readers outlines scientific research easily and easily.

Emtyiaz for Educational Services is distinguished by its long experience in preparing the research plan for master's and doctoral theses, which are prepared according to academic scientific bases through a professional team of master's and doctoral degrees holders in various disciplines and through our service to many researchers, we have knowledge of the nuances of writing a research plan To different universities.

The steps that our team will take when writing a research plan

·        Choose the search title

Consider that the title must have the specifications that make it strong and fit for a master's thesis. It should be clear, concise and easy to language, with specific and short phrases. In addition, the title should not exceed ten words and explain the aspects and dimensions of the topic.

·        Writing the introduction

It is a set of paragraphs containing subheadings or margins and does not exceed one page containing general ideas about the topic, and we mention the previous studies that dealt with the topic and the reasons that prompted the researcher to choose this problem.

·         Identify the research problem

By writing a set of phrases expressing the content of the problem, which is very important within the research elements of the thesis.

·        Writing the importance of research

which we are  mention short phrases that show the extent of the research contribution to humanity and the extent of its benefit to society.

·         Determine the spatial, temporal and objective boundaries

And here we mean by spatial boundaries what is the place on which the search will be conducted, such as the region, city, or country,

As for the temporal boundaries, which is the period in which the research will be carried out and are used more in literary research. As for objective, it is the topic covered by the research

·        Determine the research method used by the researcher

This helps to collect, classify and analyze the information with an indication of how the result was reached.

·        Writing the contents of the research

And in it, the search is divided into sections, which are usually 3 or 4 chapters. Then it is divided into chapters, and here we take into account that the number of chapters is equal in all chapters with a suitable title for each chapter and chapter with the results, recommendations and conclusion placed on the contents page.

·        Writing a list of references

In it, we mention the references and sources that were used in the topic of the research and arrange them alphabetically, and we start them from the Arab references, then the previous studies, foreign references, and then the Internet sites


And by following those important steps in preparing research we guarantee to you, dear student, an organized and coordinated search that will obtain the highest marks, and to help prepare the research plan, you can contact us now and get a ready-made research plan in a specific time, at a special price and with high quality that is unparalleled. Absolutely.




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