No doubt that the educational process needs academics skills for learners in order to have the opportunity to benefit from fruitful curricula during their course of studies. Also, many scholars agree that academics skills will have a great impact on educational, work, and lifestyle. Also, they believe that to develop learners, we must provide them with academics skills through a fully developed course.

Student support programs and study skills centers all around the world strive to meet the needs, expectations, wishes, and aspirations of their students. Students in full-time education programs are often required to take study skills classes that focus on academic abilities such as reading, writing, grammar, and oral communication.

Sources of evidence for academics skills

Students face problems when they move from high school to university, some of which are caused by a lack of basic study skills. According to some scholars, when students first start university, they are faced with a large number of tasks and little time to complete them. At this phase, students appreciate the relevance of academics abilities and the need to strengthen them in order to assist their learning and academic successes as well as ensure their long-term success.

In an analytical study of Urumieh medical students, Lotfafsharnezhad, et al. (2006) found that the majority of students (77 percent) had not passed any academics courses such as computer and information sciences at the time of the study. Although the majority of them could send messages (66.3 percent) and attach files (55.4 percent), some were unfamiliar with advanced search tactics (22.7 percent) and search engines (4 percent) (Azizi, 2011). Zakerahmadi (2009) found that post-graduate students were mainly computer competent in another research (Azizi, 2011). According to Hashemi (2009), there is a considerable difference in success rates between pupils who use academic talents and those who do not.

Purpose of study and main argument for academics skills

Study skills and academics skills enable learners stay up with the demands of an academic career and attain life-long academic successes and satisfaction in the information age As a result, this research looked into three postgraduate programs (Master's Degree in Education).

Promoting students' abilities is a critical responsibility that can be accomplished by creating new courses that improve students' knowledge and abilities to communicate their discoveries with their peers and colleagues in educational settings. The inclusion of study skills courses in the curriculum is the first stage in the process of educating capable students. Administrators, teachers, and policymakers must pay close attention to students' transition from graduate to postgraduate courses. Curriculum planners' role in assisting this transition and presenting curricula that include academic skills should be stressed.

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