Our Topic contents:

  • Introduction.
  • An overview of LEGAL TRANSLATION. 
  • The main purpose of legal translation.
  • Basic rules of legal translation.
  • Types of legal translation.
  • The legal translator’s most important characteristics.
  • Here are the most important challenges of legal translation.
  • Get the best LEGAL TRANSLATION for your financial documents now.
  • The excellence points about Emtyiaz for certified translation.
  • Conclusion.


  • Introduction:

It is worth noting that translation is one of the important arts that many people around the world are keen on. This art has helped many people obtain many facilities in the various services they need in their daily lives. On top of that is the translation of legal documents, which is often very difficult. We know very well the accuracy of this translation and the difficulties involved in performing it. But don't worry dear customer. We at Emtiaz certified translation office provide you with the solution that is to provide the most accurate LEGAL TRANSLATION of all the securities you need in your working life. From this point of view, our dear client, we will discuss in this article everything related to translating legal documents from A to Z. for more information. Keep reading to the end..

  • An overview of LEGAL TRANSLATION: 

There is no doubt that translation in our time is the main bridge through which many languages and cultures that exist around the world pass. It contains many types, especially legal translations.


There is no doubt that one day you needed to translate some legal papers. From here we can note that legal translation is the process of transferring legal texts from its primary language to another language. Ensure that it is certified by the certified legal translator. This is in order to issue a legal ruling stipulating the acceptance of the translated text and working with the requirements of these texts.

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  • The main purpose of legal translation:

Legal document translation offers many benefits. They are as follows:

  • LEGAL TRANSLATION can solve many problems and circumstances that result from the existence of a legal case in a foreign language. This makes it difficult for the judge to perceive without making an accurate translation of it.
  • It contributes to raising the level of legal culture, as it helps judicial workers to see all legal cases and rulings issued in another country under a completely different legal system.
  • Identify the most prominent and most important rulings that have been issued on the same legal topic.
  • Legal translation of cases, judgments and allegations raises the level of local law. It also assists the judges in deciding the fate of many cases that appear for the first time in their hands.
  • Provide legal researchers with some of the efforts made by others in the same specialization, while reviewing them under the law in which they were applied.
  • Provide important references that legal researchers can refer to when writing legal research.

  • Basic rules of LEGAL TRANSLATION:

Legal translation includes a set of basic standards that guarantee its quality. Including the following:

  • Taking into account the focus on the form and form of the legal texts to be translated, with the need to pay attention to the existence of an accurate sequence of them.
  • The necessity of having objectivity upon which LEGAL TRANSLATION is based.
  • Taking care of the integrity of the linguistic formulation of the original text with its conformity with the translated text.
  • Taking care to preserve the translation of the legal text as it is without any addition or deletion.

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There are many forms of legal translation in Imtiaz to include the following elements:

  • personal identification.
  • personal record.
  • Social status documents.
  • Educational qualifications of individuals.
  • Work certificates.
  • Police reports.
  • Academic educational certificates.
  • Birth certificates.
  • Divorce papers.
  • Court documents containing civil and criminal cases.
  • Commercial contracts approved by foreign courts to guarantee the sale of goods or the granting of commercial licenses.
  • International treaties that apply the rule of international law.

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  • The legal translator’s most important characteristics:

In order to obtain an accurate secondary translation of your commercial papers, you must choose a legal translator well. He is someone who has all the translation skills. He also has a great deal of translation in judicial specialties. Of course, he has extensive experience in the legal field. So what about the main characteristics in the best legal translator?!

Here are the characteristics of a successful legal translator:


  • Possess LEGAL TRANSLATION skills.
  • The existence of all knowledge and know-how in the legal field, including terms and concepts.
  • Commitment to objectivity while translating legal documents.
  • Taking into account the existence of a literal arrangement of the legal texts so that no legal corruption occurs.
  • Adhere to sound legal ethics.
  • Observe all legal terms and conventions during the legal translation of various documents.

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  • Here are the most important challenges of legal translation:

LEGAL TRANSLATION faces many challenges that we can list in the following points:

  • There is a radical difference in the culture of legal texts.
  • There are many legal styles for different legal languages.
  • The great difference between the various legal terms.
  • The legal texts contain difficulty in their legal systems.

In the following point we will help you to find the best office that provides you the most accurate translation. keep going..


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We also provide a variety of other translation services at Imtiaz certified translation office. Including the following:

  • Accurate LEGAL TRANSLATION of all commercial records of all kinds.
  • Certified legal translation of all legal documents.
  • Certified translation of all securities.
  • Accurate medical translation of all medical books and documents.
  • Certified literary translation of all texts and articles in the field of literature.
  • Certified scientific translation of all published scientific research and books.
  • Certified historical translation of documents, documents and also historical books.

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  • The excellence points about Emtyiaz for certified translation:

Emtiaz certified translation office is one of the most distinguished offices in the field of legal translation of all judicial documents. This is for the following reasons:

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  • Emtiaz, the certified translation office includes a distinguished team of certified translators in many international languages ​​that clients need.
  • Emtiaz, the certified translation office maintains the client's time by delivering the service in the agreed time with the utmost speed.
  • Emtiaz, the certified translation office guarantees to our valued clients that the texts to be translated are preserved from loss or theft.

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  • Conclusion:

And finally, our dear customer. Looks like we've come to the end of our interesting article. And through it we got acquainted with the LEGAL TRANSLATION from the ground up. We have known its many benefits for individuals and societies as well throughout the ages. We also dealt with the most important criteria for this translation of legal papers. We have not overlooked the great role that Imtiaz Certified Translation Office plays in providing the most accurate legal translations to clients across the Middle East. And based on the above, our dear customer. You can start ordering your service now from Franchise. Just contact us by calling us via the following phone number: (00201067090531).


We hope to God that we have been able to inform you of even a small part of the information about LEGAL TRANSLATION during this article.

May God bless you for what he loves.