At various levels of study, the methodologies employed in the implementation of research and theses varied through analytical design in research. The scientific research method is a collection of methods and organized steps that assist researchers in achieving their objectives. The beginning of scientific research is represented by the researcher's perception of the existence of a problem or difficulty in something real, not illusory, and then works to clarify matters, obtain detailed information and data, and move forward in developing research questions, or Scientific hypotheses include variables, and it begins to identify the relationship between these variables to reach the causes, and in light of this, the complete picture emerges, and results begin to emerge, based on clear and unquestionable evidence, based on evidence, and we will focus on one of the research approaches in the paragraphs of our article. In a scientific study, it is the analytical method...

What is the three processes of the Analytical Design In Research method?

1- Explanation:

One of the most important elements of the analytical design in research is interpretation, in which the researcher explains the subject of his scientific research by relying on the interpretation of texts and research related to his scientific research in order to find gaps and information that must be filled on the one hand, and knowledge of the problems found in the research that has been studied and seeking solutions to them on the other hand.

The two types of interpretation found in the analytical approach are among the most significant aspects that the researcher must know in terms of interpretation:

(a) Simple interpretation: in this case, the researcher evaluates the data and then interprets his suspicions.

(B) Complex interpretation: the researcher returns the writings to their original sources, then researches and analyses these principles in all aspects (reasons and references) in a clear and logical manner.

As a result, the researcher's understanding of the type of interpretation he will use, which is fully dependent on the type of scientific research he is conducting, is critical.

2- Criticism:

Through criticism, the researcher determines which information is correct and which is incorrect in relation to his scientific research, and then resorts to criticizing the scientific research related to it. However, he must also emphasize the positive aspects of the research he is conducting.

Furthermore, the researcher cannot criticize the data without correcting it in a clear and accurate manner using references, principles, and constants. Following the critique process, the researcher must present his recommendations and opinions on the subject of his research with complete transparency and impartiality, regardless of whether the opinion is positive or negative.

3- inference:

At this point, the researcher examines all of the little features and specifics relevant to his research in order to develop new and proper conclusions.

Steps To Write Analytical Design In Research Through EMTYIAZ For Educational Service.

  • Define the subject and the scope of the review: many students have difficulty to select a topic so they have to use brainstorming techniques to narrow their focus.
  • Enhance a strategy: through considering what types of sources would include the information you need.
  • Define the information: through using search tools designed to see the resources you need.
  • Evaluating information: through knowing how the materials answer your questions.
  • Synthesize:  through integrate and organize in formation from many resources.
  • Evaluate the work: through knowing how the work is effective and meets requirements

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