In Emtyiaz, we are working hardly to help our dear students in order to write an effective research plan through using some effective techniques. It is known that before any research project begins, plans are very important. In order to design and plan a full research project, you have to choose a researchable, significant topic and preparing a well-developed research plan. No doubt that all these activities must be under supervision of your professor who will guide to best way to write it by using suitable methodology issues and reading materials which will enhance you to define you research plan. Note that when you candidate high studies, you have to refine you research plan and present for approval detailed proposal. This will occur from six months to twelve months.

What is a research plan?

It is known that the research plan is a short document in which sets out initial thoughts on a research project through logical and concise manner. Also a research plan is designed to convince others that you have an effective research project and you have competence and the work-plan to complete it. In general it must include all the key elements involved in the research process and effective information for the readers in order to evaluate the whole study.    

A research proposal should be considered more than the result of a defined process. It assesses your skills as a researcher to conceptualise properly as well as plan and organize meticulously. It must be well-done in order to give honour to the research concept and to'sell' it. It's important to remember, though, that your strategy doesn't have to be followed to the letter if possibilities to refine your topic exist, unforeseen situations develop, or new facts or data sources emerge. The importance of having a clear sense of direction right from the outset cannot be overstated.

Developing your topic

 The goal, structure, and format of a proposal will be determined by the disciplinary area in which the research will be conducted. Proposals vary greatly in structure and length, although proposals in the social sciences and humanities should be around 3,000 words long, while proposals in the experimental sciences should be around 2,000 words long. While there is a standard proposal format for quantitative studies, there isn't one for qualitative investigations. However, there are a few basic guidelines to follow when writing a successful research proposal.

Guidelines for designing a well-developed research plan 

The following steps are very important to include:

Research topic

  • Title of the research
  • Identifying the problem
  • Showing aims , objectives, research question and hypotheses

Background and context of the study

  • How the problem will emerge?
  • Why is this an important area to study?
  • Showing underlying assumptions.
  • Identifying definition of key terms.
  • The boundaries set.

Methodology of a research plan

There must be a close match between the study's goals and the research strategy used.

• Research strategy (e.g., qualitative, quantitative) and justification for approach;
• Data collection tools (e.g., questionnaires, interviews, focus groups, documentary analysis);
• research methods (e.g., survey, case study, ethnography, experimental); 
• data location and availability; 
• ethical implications (if applicable).

• Data analysis and interpretation methods;

Literature review

The purpose of the literature review is to offer enough background information on the planned research, particularly on:

  • Disease or health problem prevalence or incidence
  • Current status of selected research topic

It should be succinct and mention any pertinent related research that has been done or is being done (references should be included). Normally, the review committee is informed of the many projects in progress.

Proposed timeline/milestones

A schedule indicating plans from commencement right through to submission needs to be provided.

Resources needed and available

Resources must be listed, their availability checked and a budget proposed before starting the project.

Choosing bibliography or references

As long as you have finished the proposal, it would be an effective idea to evaluate what you have produced. So make your checklist according to the system of your university.



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