What are the previous studies in scientific research?

  • Previous studies, which make up the second half of the theoretical framework for scientific study, are regarded as one of the most crucial aspects of the field. Every scientific study requires the presence of earlier studies, and without them, the scientific research will be incorrect.
  • Previous studies are a collection of research and studies that dealt with the issue that the researcher investigated, and these studies give the researcher with a wealth of information on the subject of the study that aids him in fully comprehending the subject of his scientific research.
  • When writing past studies in scientific research, the researcher must use primary and original sources and ensure that the material contained therein is correct. The researcher should study scientific publications that contain a big number of original scientific studies that he or she can refer to as reputable past studies when producing scientific research.
  • The researcher should be able to select studies that are relevant to the scientific study he is conducting, as well as present data that is relevant to scientific research. The researcher should also be able to objectively, sequentially, and freely communicate past studies in scientific research.
  • Furthermore, the researcher must take care to write prior studies correctly, free of spelling and grammatical problems, and he should select earlier studies that bring the reader closer to scientific research.

What are the reasons for writing previous studies in scientific research?

  1. Previous studies provide information and a basic notion about the study's subject, allowing the researcher to avoid making the same mistakes as previous researchers. Previous research saves time and effort by giving detailed information about the study's topic.
  2. Previous research is one of the factors that aid the researcher's decision-making process when selecting a theoretical framework.
  3. Previous studies save time and effort for the researcher by giving ready-to-use, validated knowledge about the issue under study, ensuring that the researcher does not squander time.
  4. Furthermore, past research alerts the researcher to the error locations that other researchers have signed, allowing him to avoid and not make them, ensuring that his research is error-free.
  5. Prior studies allow the researcher to see and discuss the recommendations made by previous researchers.
  6. Previous research plays an important function in offering a vast number of sources and references for the researcher's research
  7. The researcher will be able to conduct comparisons between his scientific research and other studies, and so uncover points of agreement and difference, thanks to past research.
  8. The researcher can view the curricula utilized by prior researchers through previous studies, and so determine the approach that is most appropriate for his scientific research, saving time in the process.

Steps to Write Previous Studies Through Emtyiaz for Educational Service.

  • Define the subject and the scope of the review: many students have difficulty selecting a topic so they have to use brainstorming techniques to narrow their focus.
  • Enhance a strategy: through considering what types of sources would include the information you need.
  • Define the information: through using search tools designed to see the resources you need.
  • Evaluating information: through knowing how the materials answer your questions.
  • Synthesize: through integrate and organize in formation from many resources.
  • Evaluate the work: through knowing how the work is effective and meets requirements.


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